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Sorry SOLD OUT ....Tourmaline Titanium Power Necklace: MultiSports
titanium power necklace
OUR PRICE:$29.95
Compare At:$49.95

Sorry SOLD OUT ....

21 Inch Tourmaline Titanium Necklace
Feel better, Look better, and Play better?? This is the mantra you hear by an overwhelming majority of Japanese baseball players that have experimented with similar products. Asia has a way of starting things that many years later the rest of the world only begins to comprehend.

Acupuncture took thousands of years for the west to grasp
but we thought these titanium and tourmaline necklaces might be worth considering a bit sooner. Can one “achieve a more relaxed state” a “happier sense of being” a more “competitive” frame of mind while wearing a bracelet or necklace like this? We thought – let’s keep it simple – If so many athletes are finding positive results and we can offer these at an affordable price why not let our customers decide.

Thru history Tourmaline has carried a lore like status
conjuring up days in ancient times when the stones were believed to release stress and uncertainty. Is this possible one might ask?

Consider the Birthstone
Tourmaline along with opal are birthstones of Libra (Balance): Sept. 23 - Oct. 23. During medieval days tourmaline was thought to heal physical and mental disorders as well as prevent death.

Mystical Power
Tourmaline is said to dispel fear, negativity and grief. According to legend, the tourmaline of all colors protects the wearer against many dangers and misfortune. Although difficult to grab a hold of precisely what is so popular about tourmaline titanium as a bracelet or necklace from a scientific or empirical standpoint there is no arguing with many professional athletes overseas and right here in the U.S. The Asian cultures and local sports athletes growing by leaps and bounds may be on to something here….Only time and your feed back will tell. Worst case, These look great and you will look great wearing one!

As Seen In Japan Inc Magazine:

Minus ions, called negative ions in the West, occur naturally in forests and streams, anywhere the water runs pure and the air is clean. Despite being unsupported by definitive medical evidence, the very presence of minus ions is widely believed to reduce stress and bring about positive feelings of well-being. The particles can be reproduced artificially by passing air over a strong electric current or through the breakdown of crystals like tourmaline.... Read On

Ion Power ? Info/Article
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Back In Stock!! Tourmaline Titanium Power Necklace: Professional
Back In Stock!! Tourmaline Titanium Power Necklace: Professional
Our Price:$29.95

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