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Shipping Method Order Will Ship Approximate Shipping Time Estimated
Delivery Date
USPS First Class Mail Next Business Day 3 - 4 Days  Free
Next Day Air 1 - 2 Day Delivery
USPS Express Mail
Next Business Day 1 - 2 Day Delivery 1 Day $30.00
Delivery dates are estimates only and can vary due to backorders, order processing delays, payment information, customs clearance, and various shipping delays that may be out of our control. When your order ships, we'll send you complete shipment details and tracking information, so you can track shipment status online, anytime! So remember to provide a valid e-mail address at checkout so we can forward your tracking # at the time of shipment. The # 1 reason orders are delayed is because a customer billing address does not match the cardholder and the credit card is declined and the order does not ship. Please pay attention to provide the correct billing adddress at checkout as well as the name of the business if your shipping address is to a business.
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