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Magnets can be found everywhere, in telephones, in computers and all sorts of devices that we use on a daily basis. It is well known that magnet fields can influence and even be harmful if placed together with sensitive objects. Using a magnetic bracelet as magnet therapy can be a good idea but before you start you should understand more about magnet therapy in general and how it translates to a piece of jewelry.

Magnets as Medicine

Magnets are used in medicine and not just in natural practices. The MRI scan uses strong magnetic fields to scan and this is not harmful to the patient. So it is known that strong magnetism can be used for the benefit of our health. Some claim that magnets can have healing effects on the body when placed externally. With the right amount of time they can reduce pain and even heal. There are even those who claim immediate pain relief by wearing magnets.

Magnet Therapy for Pain Problems

The idea of using magnet therapy to treat pain problems is based on how magnets affect the blood stream. It is usually argued that magnets attract blood since there is iron in blood. The problem with this theory is that the iron in blood is hemoglobin which would be repelled by a strong magnetic field rather than attracted. This doesn’t negate the possibility that magnets can influence the blood circulation in a positive way. Plenty of people around the world use magnet therapy to treat pain with positive results but scientists have not yet been able to pin point just how this actually works.

Magnet Bracelet as Therapy

A magnet bracelet for magnet therapy could very well do you good but stop and think about the layout and structure of a bracelet. In magnet therapy you will typically put magnets to certain points to create healing magnetic fields. You will have to consider moving your magnetic bracelet to a certain point throughout the day unless you feel that it does the job on our wrist. There are interesting techniques for increasing strength in the arm by wearing a magnetic bracelet so you might actually sense a difference just by leaving it snug to your wrist.

Placebo Effects

Just like gemstones, magnets have attraction. There is no doubt that they can add to the beauty of a piece of jewelry a sense of uniqueness. This might also be a big reason for the healing effects of magnetic bracelets. If you feel that your bracelet is giving you a sense of beauty and power this is very good for your general health. Scientists can continue and argue about the actual effects of magnet therapy while a wearer of a magnetic bracelet knows that this type of jewelry has something that no other kind of adornment can offer, namely a sense of uniqueness, how’s that for therapy?!

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