In the Pyrenees on the French Spanish border, there is a small village named Lourdes, people are coming from all over the world. By far the largest contingent of these people are comprised by the ailing who seek a cure with the help of the healing waters gushing out of the rock on which the cathedral is built. A story carried by an issue of the newsweek in early 1970 created a major sensation in the medical circles of Scotland , and the fame of the miraculous water of Lourdes spread widely. A Japanese researcher analyzed some of the "miracle water" and found that it contains a relatively high amount of germanium. Germanium, atomic number 32, in appearance germanium is a metal, but it is completely without metallic properties, and it is utilized for the semi-conducting properties and in the development of transistors and diodes, in the classical school of physics, the characteristics of semiconductors were not clearly defined, and an adequate explanation for them was not given until the advent of quantum physics which is centered on the phenomena of effects produced by atomic and molecular electrons. Electronics engineers have since come to marvel at the whimsical and magic like behavior of semiconductor electrons, and the quantum revolution soon spread to other fields. This famous phenomenon is known in electronics as the positive hole effect; when one of these four electrons is ejected, a positive charge hole is created in order to maintain the balance with the remaining three seize electrons from other atoms. Living organisms also come under the physical laws of matter, it is believed that the semiconductor phenomenon would have effects on a living body; there exists in physiology a phenomenon known as the dehydrogenating effect by which the negative ion of hydrogen (which may be viewed as an electron) is discharged from the body, researchers believe that because of its characteristics, germanium has interesting power to maintain the biological balance in living body. it appears germanium has a kind of electro-biochemical action quite unlike the effect of conventional pharmaceuticals, for example, germanium increases the amount of oxygen transported by hemoglobin in the red blood cells, the supply of oxygen to tissue cells is thereby increased, resulting in greater cellular activity. This in turn can be assumed to be responsible for various other biochemical processes in relation to cell membrane potential. It is also believed that all diseases are attributable to deficiency of oxygen; the dangers of an oxygen deficiency in the human body cannot be over-emphasized. Germanium greatly enriches oxygen in the living body, and everyone knows that oxygen is absolutely essential for sustaining life. Researchers were able to conclude that the germaniumís healing powers may be attributed to the fact that it brings a sharp increase in the body's supply of oxygen, carbon monoxide poisoning is quickly cured, and people feel cheerful, sleep soundly and awake in good humor.