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Magnetic Bracelets For All Walks Of Life
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is there a special device to measure the power of a magnet?
A. Yes. The instrument used to measure the strength of a magnet is called a gauss meter, or sometimes "magnetometer". Without a magnetic field the instrument registers zero. When a negative field is applied, the needle moves to the left. When a positive magnetic field is measured, the needle moves to the right.

Q. What is the magnets gauss rating?
A. Gauss is a way to measure the intensity or power of a magnet. only use the most powerful high energy neodymium magnets in our bracelets. (Typically 3300 gauss per magnet)

Q. What is the difference between "unipole" and "BI - polar" magnets?
A. Uni - pole magnets are polarized with the negative fields on one side of the magnet and the positive side on the other. BI - polar magnets have both fields present on each side. Research has shown that the positive magnetic field can be dangerous if the body is exposed to it for prolonged periods of time. This is why Ace Magnetics uses only uni - pole magnets.

Q. I've seen other products that cost more than and also claim to have better magnets than anyone else. If other products cost more aren't those products better?
A. That's what other companies would like you to believe. If it's with high energy neodymium magnets, you are purchasing the best magnets known to modern science at this time. Our magnets are powerful and permanent. (Why pay more?)

Q. How do I know if the magnets are working?
A. The most common way to know if the magnets are working is if you feel a reduction in pain. Also, some people who use magnetic therapy experience a warm sensation on the area in which the magnet is placed. Truth be told - everyone responds differently and as often as not no response is felt at all by many who try magnetic therapy bracelets.

Q. Aren't magnets just for Seniors?
A. No. Magnetic therapy is not just for older people. People of all ages use magnetic therapy products to try to soothe minor aches and pains. It can be used by anyone looking to maximize their performance, improve their quality of life, or experience an enhanced feeling of well being.

Q. Why should I wear jewelry?
A. jewelry may provide the wearer an increased feeling of well being because of the therapeutic effects of the magnets. Plus - they will look great on you!

Q. How do I know what size bracelet to buy?
A. bracelets come in four sizes (S = 6 3/4 Inches, M = 7 1/2 Inches, L = 8 Inches, XL = 8 1/2 Inches) Links can be easily added or removed with a jewelers screwdriver so the bracelet can fit any wrist size.

Q. What kind of material are bracelets made of?
A. bracelets are crafted from stainless steel and our new Titanium series. The gold models are electroplated in 18k gold and either polished to a brilliant shine or brushed to a burnished satin depending on the model.

Q. How thick is the gold plating on the bracelets?
A. The plating on the bracelet is 1 micrometer(m). This is equivalent to .04 mils. This plating thickness gives the bracelets their beautiful look. This plating thickness is also substantially higher than many other brands on the market.

Q. How do you measure Karats?
A. Gold is measured in Karats, with 24k being pure gold. 18k gold would represent 18/24 or 75% pure gold. This type of gold is more suitable for use in bracelets because it is slightly harder than pure gold, and can withstand the use active people demand.

Q. What type of clasp is on the bracelet?
A. The link bracelets feature a snap enclosure. It is rated at 7lbs pull strength. (The amount of force needed to open the clasp.) This ensures that the bracelet won't fall off during even the most vigorous activity.

Q. Is magnetic therapy safe?
A. Yes, Magnetic therapy is considered to be a safe form of therapy. However products are NOT BEING SOLD AS A MEDICAL DEVICE, or to replace professionally prescribed medical treatment. You should consult your Doctor before use.

Q. Are there any other precautions about magnets I should know about?
A. Do not place your bracelet directly on credit cards, computer CPU's, computer disks. The magnetic energy may erase the information stored on the cards, disks, or hard drive. This piece was written wearing a bracelet two feet from a Computer CPU -- (Just don't rub these all over your disks and CPU and you will be O.K.)

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Medical Warning& Copyright Info: For Ages 13+ This product is NOT being sold as a Medical Device or to replace professionally prescribed Medical treatment. Consult your Doctor before use. DO NOT USE IF YOU ARE PREGNANT, WEAR A PACEMAKER, OR ANY OTHER FORM OF ELECTRICAL IMPLANT OR DEVICE FOR MEDICAL REASONS OF ANY KIND. >> Click here for more information

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