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One out of eight people has arthritis and almost all people over age 70 have some form of arthritis.
- FDA Panel Approves new class of anti-arthritis drugs," NBC Nightly News, December 3, 1998.

Many people are deficient in trace minerals, including copper, because the food we eat is not as rich in nutrients due to the over-processing of our food sources.

Health practitioners and scientists have studied the beneficial use of copper and copper bracelets. Many believe that it has anti-inflammatory benefits for joint problems, connective tissue problems and bone problems, such as inflammation, arthritis, tendonitis, bursitis, rheumatism and osteoporosis. It can also have a positive effect on other health conditions.

Copper can be absorbed into your body by direct contact with your skin via copper bracelets - the ultimate "slow-release" approach to dealing with inflammation and other conditions.

Copper bracelets are a natural home remedy and have been used for many years to relieve the discomfort from joint and connective tissue problems. We currently know of no adverse effects.

Alternative health care is growing rapidly. More and more people are turning to natural solutions to supplement their traditional health care.
-John Greenwald, "Herbal Healing," Time Magazine, November 23, 1998: 50-69.

Copper worn next to the skin has been considered a natural home remedy for the discomfort of inflammation, joint problems and connective tissue problems for centuries, even thousands of years.
- M. W. Whitehouse, Agents an Actions, 1976; 6:201-216.

Modern nutritional studies report the amount of trace minerals, including copper, that we get from our food sources has gradually decreased over the years.
- Bob Smith, "Organic Foods vs. Supermarket Foods: Element Levels," Journal of Applied Nutrition, Vol. 45, No. 1, 1993: 36-39 and B. Levin, "Micronutrient Losses: Health Effects," Quarterly Review of Natural Medicine, Spring 1995: 57-58.

The National Research Council has established a tentative safe and adequate daily intake of copper for adults at 2-3 milligrams.
- A.S. Gissen, "Copper: The Maligned Mineral," Vitamin Research Products Newsletter, April-July/August, 1994: 2.

Most people are not getting this much copper from their diets. Studies show a daily intake of less than 1 milligram is very common.
- Gissen: 2.

"75% of the daily diets in the United States fail to contain the recommended dietary allowance of copper".
- L.M. Klevay , Biol. Trace Element Res. 1983, 5: 245-255.

More and more nutritionists are recommending supplemental sources of these essential trace minerals. Wearing copper next to the skin allows the body to absorb small but helpful amounts of dissolved copper on a daily basis, much the same way that a "skin patch" works to help cure nicotine addiction. This absorption process bypasses the digestive route and goes directly into the circulatory system, without the gastrointestinal side effects that many of the newer, anti-inflammatory, over-the-counter drugs produce. Copper, used externally, provides a "natural" anti-inflammatory remedy that has been used for hundreds, even thousands, of years.
- M.W. Whitehouse, Agents and Actions 1976; 6: 201-216.

We know of no adverse side effects from wearing copper next to your skin. Studies has shown that copper is an effective anti-inflammatory and can relieve discomfort.
- W.R. Walker and S.J. Beveridge, M.W. Whitehouse, In: Inflammatory Disease and Copper (ed. J.R.J. Sorenson), Humana Press, Clifton, NJ, 1982: 453-467.

They have also shown that maintaining the recommended level of copper in our bodies can have a positive effect on health conditions, in addition to inflammation, arthritis, tendonitis, bursitis, rheumatism, and sports injuries:
* cardiovascular disease
* osteoporosis
* cancer and carcinogens
* controlling free radicals
* immune function
- Gissen: 3-7.

The time tested copper bracelet has been shown to be an effective anti-inflammatory due to the absorption of copper through the skin.
- Walker and Beveridge: 453-467.

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