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Very Classy Unisex Style # 22C3 "TriColore" Elegance In Motion With Calming Negative Ion Inserts.
ladies magnetic bracelet negative ion bracelet
OUR PRICE:$59.95
Compare At:$129.95

Elegance In Motion.

Style # 22C3 “TriColore": Yellow, Rose, & White Gold Colored Magnetic Bracelet.

Powerful 3500 Gauss Magnets & Negative Ion Producing Germanium Inserts. Throw in a Free Gift Box & Free Shipping & our 60 Day Unconditional “Satisfaction Guarantee” and your good to go! But, Let’s Read on….

Our New Design is Crafted With All The Features our Customers Demand. i.e. Consider the following:

This stunning lightweight Stainless Steel magnetic bracelet is crafted with permanent laser point north facing neodymium magnets. Your “New Friend” also has One Negative Ion Producing Ultra-Pure Germanium Stone insert.

A calmer more balanced you handling all the stresses of life is the goal, so why not enhance your look & let it happen?

Lets begin to get acquainted with germanium and if you would like to read even more the link below will be useful to you.

As you may have heard and experienced yourself our current urban lifestyle exposes the human body to harmful positive ions generated from such things as mobile phones, electronic equipment, chemicals or acid rain and ultraviolet rays to name a few of the things that can bombard us every day. Hence, a balance between the positive ions (which are bad for us) and the negative ions (which are good for us) is the goal to achieve.

The negative-charge ion from Germanium it is said can help to contribute in helping to balance the positive and negative ions within the body.

Think of Germanium as helping you to replicate how you feel when you go to the ocean and take in all those negative ions or what it feels like to go out after a rainstorm.

Lets delve deeper A germanium atom has thirty-two electrons with four of them constantly moving unsteadily along its outermost shell. These four electrons are negative-charge carriers. One of these four electrons will be ejected out of its orbit once the temperature is above 32 degrees Celsius. The remaining three electrons will seize an electron from other atoms in order to maintain balance. In essence, once in contact with the human skin, the negatively charged electrons from the millions of Germanium atoms will attract the harmful positively charged electrons from the body and so on and so on...... very interesting - don't you think?

About the metal used to craft this piece Stainless Steel is both Durable and lightweight and will not turn your wrist green the way a copper bracelet is supposed to do. "TriColore" can only be purchased here at (Limited Supply).

Sizing: 6.75 & 7.125 & 7.375 inches. Please MEASURE your wrist and pick the size that is slightly larger than your actual wrist size. The Bracelet should not fit tightly.

Let’s take a look again at the reasons you’re considering this piece and the reasons we think it is the best buy on the market.

1) Durable Stainless Steel at ¼’ wide & weighing in at only ½ ounce .

2) Tri Color Design: Yellow, Rose, White Gold Colored Magnetic Bracelet

3) Thirteen 3500 gauss permanent neodymium magnets in the 6.75’ and Fourteen 3500 gauss magnets in the 7.125’ & Fifteen 3500 gauss Magnets in the 7.375 inch bracelet.

4) One 99.99% Pure Japanese Germanium Stone in each Bracelet, Not Powder.

6) ”TriColore” is clearly a winning choice when it comes to Wellness Products & Style.

7) Only Available at

Shipping Methods & Rates: All W/ Tracking & We Ship EveryDay!
  • First Class 3- 5 Days: Free with Min. $25 Purchase
  • Priority Mail Flat Rate: 1-3 Days $6.00
  • USPS Express Mail: 1-2 Days $30.00

  • Our 60 day unconditional money back guarantee allows you to shop with confidence and comfortably get you through any sizing exchange you may require as well. (BUT PLEASE MEASURE YOUR WRIST FIRST)

    Interesting information about Germanium

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