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The "Bohemian" Cloisine Hematite Bead Necklace Braclet
hematite-bead-magnetic-jewelry The "Bohemian"  Hematite Bead Necklace Braclet
OUR PRICE:$22.50
Compare At:$39.95

The “Bohemian” Wow!! When was the last time you saw magnetic jewelry that was so versatile and yet so affordable?

This handcrafted 36’ strand of magnetic hematite jewelry offers a wide variety of color such as black hematite carved cylinders that are "real" neodymium iron boron along and incredibly minute and individually hand painted multi colored beads that make for some very enjoyable mixing and matching. Because the magnetic hematite clings to hold this single strand together it needs no clasp so you can wear this as a bracelet, anklet, necklace or ornamental hair tie. The “Bohemian’s” individual multi colored repeating beads feature a medley of black, green, pink and red with a dash of blue. A border of Sapphire black hematite beads accent each successive row making this a unique gift idea.

We have not sacrificed strength for beauty as each strand of this wonderful magnetic hematite jewelry has thirty five neodymium iron boron hematite magnets at 1300 gauss each; the magnets will not lose their strength like cheap imitations. Please remember your best friend or mom or daughter & sis when buying “The Bohemian” because if you don’t she will take this from you on the day it arrives so don’t say we didn’t warn you. This item ships tomorrow and is at your door in two to three days, FYI.

We ask all of our satisfied return customers and new shoppers to please share our products with friends – helping us to keep bringing new and different styles to you on a regular basis, Thank you.

The click to enlarge feature below the bracelet picture above will reveal the truly phenomenal details of the “Bohemian” It’s a lifestyle….

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